Co-founder and CEO Assaf Morag. Assaf has 25 years in leading, selling and delivering enterprise software in multiple domains. Co-founder and CEO of Pegasus Medical and RelayHealth (both sold to McKesson) and experience other large organizations like , Intel, Oracle and Elsevier. Before joining DealSumm Assaf held a business development and direct sales role for TOA Technology an enterprise software company acquired by Oracle. Assaf holds an MD from Ben-Gurion University, Israel and an MBA from Santa Clara University, CA.


Silicon Valley based DealSumm is a technology company that empowers its customers to automatically, rapidly and reliably extract the terms, conditions and the fine print hidden in contracts. DealSumm’s customers depend on contract and lease evaluation to conduct their business. Until DealSumm came around their review and abstraction process was a highly manual, lengthy, expensive and unreliable.  In addition to automated abstraction DealSumm offers review, workflow and management modules for better utilization and sharing of the abstracted information. The first market DealSumm is focusing on is Commercial Real Estate, later on looking to impact other markets like M&A, Construction, Healthcare, Retail and Banking.

DealSumm owns a wide portfolio of patents related to understanding and extracting data elements from contracts.

DealSumm's leadership team possesses the technical and the business track-record and knowhow to build, deploy and grow the company.

DealSumm revolutionizes the application of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing.  It attacks head on their inherent accuracy limitations. Using Document Structure Analysis it allows the identification of the correct answers in the prediction of contract provisions.  Furthermore, DealSumm invented a technology process for a problem yet unsolved: how to calculate the financial provisions from multiple documents, i.e., the lease and its amendments, and aggregate them into one summary.  DealSumm owns a portfolio of patents covering its capability to automatically handle a large variety of domain-specific contract formats.  A newly designed web interface allows the user to upload contracts and it delivers a detailed and thorough abstract within minutes. DealSumm utilizes an assisted review process displaying both the original document and extracted terms for verification and approval. Summary reports, search, revenue calendar and other multi-document syntheses and analyses are automatically generated and can be exported to excel and 3rd party software.

Dr. Assaf Morag
CEO and Co-Founder
Dr. Uri Zernik 
CTO and Co-Founder

The passion for documents and our unique technology  belongs to our CTO and Co-founder Dr. Uri Zernik. Uri has vast experience in the contract management markets. For the past 25 years Uri has been defining and delivering systems that served customers like GE and Lexus Nexus with large volume of legal data. Uri holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UCLA, is well published and holds several patents in the area of Natural Language Processing.

DealSumm’s advisory board and early investors include industry veterans from both high tech and commercial real estate. These individuals have created hundreds of millions of dollars in value to their companies and their share holders and are a mix of entrepreneur CEOs and ‘C’ suite executives in large public companies.

Advisory Board and Early Investors

Lior Neuman
Lisa Zashin
Nevo Agmon
Roee Zinaty
Yonna Bettach

Adam Zernik
Asaf Shai
Atara Merhav
Brenda Olegnowicz
Hirsch Alter

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