DealSumm is a technology company that empowers its customers to automatically, thoroughly and rapidly abstract the provisions of their leases and related documents.

DealSumm uses Artificial Intelligence and owns a wide portfolio of patents related to understanding and extracting data elements from contracts.


Our unique focus is to take lease and related information and make it as usable as possible, as easily verifiable and categorizable, and allow teams to work together to save money and operate effectively.



Whether during acquisition due-diligence, leasing or portfolio management our unique platform offers quick turn around, greater management efficiency, enhanced detailed data across documents and lets you access everything from one source. Powerful features like customizable reports, broad analytics, critical date reminders, and integration into your property management system.



Cost and labor saving lease abstraction and analysis.  Comprehensive, detailed, quick searches and custom reports from within each lease, addendums and related documents or across your portfolio.  Each field connects to the core document. Teams can keep terms and sources consistent, more accurate and verified.  Data can be transported to lease administration software. Features include flexible abstract and report formats, critical date reminders, communication ability, audit and approval trail for transparency, staff efficiency and rent and expense accuracy. 

By using cost effective and quick turnaround DealSumm you can generate detailed proposal underwriting and offering memorandum materials. Create automated rent rolls, easy to produce exclusive and co-tenancy reports and more. Assist buyers by offering lease evaluation and verification tools viewed on a unique platform that also shortens due diligence review time. Reduce price adjustments caused by unexpected lease factors. 


Upload your lease documents.

Automatic abstraction of provisions with our machine-learning technology.

Thoroughly verify with full connectivity from abstract to PDF. Review, edit and comment.

Dive deeper with custom reports, advanced search tools and notifications. 


Invite others to view and comment. Export to Excel or integrate with other software.



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